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 Seeking Artist Instructors

Interested in teaching your favorite medium? 

We are seeking artist instructors for the remainder of 2023 and for 2024. 

Submit your class proposal here!

ArtWaves is seeking models for our Figure Drawing classes that take place every Thursday, 12pm-3pm.

Models are paid $75.00 for three (3) hours. No experience necessary!

Please email Phillip Dvorak for more information. 

Do you want to be a Volunteer at ArtWaves?  

Great! ArtWaves Volunteers help staff create a positive, creative, productive, and community-building experience for participants in classes, workshops and events. There are lots of ways to help!

1. You can be a Studio Monitor! Studio Monitors act as a host on behalf of ArtWaves. You will be trained to assist before, during and after a specific class, (usually 3 to 5 weeks); for a specific workshop; or for ongoing weekly Open Studio and Figure Drawing sessions. 

2. You can be a Campus Supporter! Campus Supporters assist the ArtWaves Team to maintain and improve the ArtWaves campus so it is welcoming, beautiful, clean and well-organized. Campus Supporters can sign up for a repeating weekly or monthly task, or help out with a one-time project for 2-3 hours.  There are weekly Friday and Saturday organizing sessions where we sort and put away art supplies, assemble art “kits,” sort glass for mosaics, etc. You might also help put up or take down a large tent or do spring cleanup. 

3. You can be a Mission Supporter! Mission Supporters assist the ArtWaves Team with community outreach activities and serve as a goodwill ambassador. You might install or remove works of art for monthly shows at MDI hospital; distribute monthly calendar flyers around town; and/or greet people at special events like our 3 “Show and Sell” art pop-up sales. 

ArtWaves Volunteers meet and work with people of all ages and levels of experience in art, crafts, writing, poetry and dance. For every 2 hours you volunteer, you earn one hour towards a class, workshop, figure drawing or open studio session. (Redeemable for up to one half of the total time of the workshop or class.)

NOTE:   All ArtWaves Volunteers participate in an on-site orientation to inform them about ArtWaves’ mission; establish clear goals; safeguard against common mishaps; help ArtWaves learn more about those who want to volunteer; and answer your questions. 

Interested? We hope so! Please email Barbara McLeod, the ArtWaves Volunteer Coordinator, at We would love to hear from you!

Your tax-deductible donations help support ArtWaves, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Our mission is to make art accessible to the Mount Desert Island and surrounding communities.
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