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ArtWaves Member Exhibit

Northeast Harbor Library

ArtWaves Artist Show and Sell - Sunday, October 9th, 2022 - 1pm to 4pm

If you are an ArtWaves Artist Member who would like to display and sell at the ArtWaves campus with zero commission, please email office@artwavesmdi.org.


 Rick Osann


"Pirate Cove", Vicky Smith



Gloria Avner



Toni Anne Wolfe


Liz Cutler


Current ArtWaves Shows

ArtWaves @ MDI Hospital

If you're visiting the hospital in August 2022

You'll see the work of Artist Member, Christiane Cullens!


Flowers!  ArtWaves @ the Muniseum

(Bar Harbor Municipal Building / Town Offices)

(Jane MacKeil, Liz Cutler, Christiane Cullens, Mari Brown, and Bonnie Chase)


Past ArtWaves Shows

ArtWaves @ SWHPL

ArtWaves Members brought together their work to fill the walls of the Southwest Harbor Library for the month of July!

Brian Caine, Christiane Cullens, Kate Pickup McMullin, Liz Cutler, Mark Kandutsch, Mary Ternus, Neil Ira Needleman, Patricia Pugh, Vicky Smith and Coleman Fernald, and Toni Anne Wolfe

Slideshow of works below


ArtWaves @ MDI Hospital

If you visited the hospital in July 2022

You saw the results of our most recent Spray Paint Street Art workshop with Lynx Fabian with work by Lynx, Maya Lewis, Christiane Cullens, and Fox Sweimler!



Part of the Broken 'Arted Exhibit is also still

upstairs outside Cardiac Rehab.

ArtWaves and MDI Hospital teamed up for Healthy Heart Month. Thank you to everyone who created "broken 'arts!"

ArtWaves @ SWHPL

If you visited the Southwest Harbor Public Library in May 2022...

You saw the results of the 2022 Artists & Poets Community Collaboration!


ArtWaves @ Reel Pizza

March - June 2022

ArtWaves @ the Muniseum

(Bar Harbor Municipal Building)

February through May 2022 - Neil Needleman

ArtWaves @ MDI Hospital

June 2022 - Neil Ira Needleman

May 2022 - Flower Show

(Jane MacKeil, Liz Cutler, Vicky Smith, Christiane Cullens, Mari Brown, and Bonnie Chase)


April 2022 - Barbara Grisé

February and March 2022 - Various Broken 'Arted: Patricia Pugh, Sandra Henderson, Anne-Marie Storey, Zoey Hamer, Barbara McLeod, Julie Meltzer, Liz Cutler, and Toni Anne Wolfe


Cardiac Rehab

ArtWaves and MDI Hospital teamed up for Healthy Heart Month.

Thank you to everyone who created "broken 'arts!"

January 2022 - Mariah Reading

December 2021 - Rick Osann

November 2021 - Mary Ternus

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